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Bunion 3 in 1 Kit


The Bunion Care Kit consists of 3 essential items for daily care of your bunion, and to prevent further worsening and aggravation. 


The Bunion Night Splint:

- Helps to pull the big toe apart and keep it straight.

- It keeps the big toe joint flexible and prevent the joint from becoming stiff.

- The soft bumper pad cushions the big toe.

- It stretches tight tendons and muscles of the big toe.

- Start by wearing it for short intervals of not longer than 2hrs.

- Once the joints are more flexible, progressively increase the length of wear.


The Bunion Corrector:

- Natural alternative insert that can be worn all day, for all types of activities including running.

- By anchoring the Corrector around the ankle, the big toe is gently pulled away from the other toes, improving balance and restoring a more natural alignment.

 - Start by wearing it for short intervals of not longer than 2hrs. Increase length of wear progressively when the joints are comfortable with the current length of wear.


Bunion Gel Cushion with Toe Spreader

- Prevents the big toe from tilting inwards without straining the toe muscles.

- Great for relaxing the joint at the big toe.

- Compatible with flats and can be hidden well within the shoes.


Podiatrist-recommended products for individuals who don't want painful, costly bunion surgery.


Sizing Information

XS: EU 35 l Women's US Size 2 - 5

S:  EU 36 - 37.5 l Women's US Size 6 - 7

M: EU 38.5 - 40 l Women's US Size 8 - 9

L: EU 42 - 44 l Women's US Size 10 - 11

XL: EU 44+ l Women's US Size 12+


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