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Bunion Balm Day and Night Time Package


Bunion Bootie customers have one thing in common, that through the painful process of dealing with their bunions and other resulting foot challenges, they are keenly aware of their feet.

The most common request that we receive from our Bunion Bootie customers over the last 6 years has been for a cream that can help people with their immediate bunion pain relief needs to accompany and compliment wearing our Booties.  People also wanted the cream to help with increased circulation of the foot, help with bunion inflammation, skin healing, and to have it moisturize, strengthen and soften the skin of the foot as well.

After a long process of trying to tackle all the wants and needs of our customers in one bunion cream, and have it be the best at what it does for both day and night use, we decided that the best thing to do would be to break up the properties of our bunion creams into 2 different uses tailored to the 2 time blocks that people know the best…daytime and nighttime.  In other words, the use and properties of the bunion cream needed during the day is vastly different than what people want and how they use the bunion cream at night…while they sleep.

Armed with this knowledge, we are delighted to introduce our newest treatment line for bunion sufferers in the form of 2 easy-to-use Bunion Balms. We feel our 2-step system is the most thorough and effective foot care regimen available.


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