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Formthotics Extended Wedge


The Formthotics Extended Wedge is an all-purpose orthotic addition.

Suitable for both rearfoot and forefoot modification.

It helps to extend the function of the modification to the midfoot

Remove adhesive to stick it onto the insole or place it underneath the insole on the sole of the footwear. It can be cut to make both a forefoot and rearfoot wedge from one extended wedge. 

Note: Order is for 1 piece only.

Please indicate in the note during checkout for the left or right side. Right side will be given by default if not indicated. It can be cut to be used for the other side. 

If even number ( 02 / 04 / 06 ... ) of pieces, left and right side will be given by default unless indicated otherwise. 

Sizing Guide

  S M L
UK < 6.5 7 - 8 > 8.5
Euro < 40 40.5 - 42 > 42.5
US (Women) < 9 9.5 - 10.5 > 11
US (Men) < 7 8 - 9 > 9.5


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