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Heel Lifts


The Heel Lift is an orthotic addition.

Suitable for people with mild leg length discrepancy and strained achilles tendon and calf muscle. 

It helps in balancing leg length discrepancy. It can also help to reduce strain on achilles tendon and calf muscle and provides temporary relief from Achilles tendon injuries.

Remove adhesive to stick it onto the underside of the insole or place it underneath the insole on the sole of the footwear.

Note: Order is for per piece. Available in low (4mm) and high (6mm) heights. 

Sizing Guide

  S M L
UK < 6.5 7 - 8 > 8.5
Euro < 40 40.5 - 42 > 42.5
US (Women) < 9 9.5 - 10.5 > 11
US (Men) < 7 8 - 9 > 9.5


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